How to Enjoy a Pre-Roll

Pre-rolls are undoubtedly one of the most popular products in the cannabis industry. They offer a convenient and effortless format to enjoy the cannabis experience and the resulting journey – wherever it might take you!

Smoking a pre-roll is a relatively simple process, however, some would argue there’s an ‘art’ to it. Whether you’re new to cannabis or consider yourself an avid enthusiast, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the intricacies and nuances involved in mastering the perfect pre-roll sesh.

When you choose to enjoy a pre-roll, you’re saving yourself precious time and effort. Rolling joints yourself requires time, skill, and the right materials (which are often sold separately). Dogwalker’s cannabis pre-rolls are expertly crafted, made with your comfort in mind. Each pre-roll contains premium flower harvested at peak freshness and is skillfully packed, twisted, and weighed to guarantee an optimal (and stress-free) cannabis experience every time you light up.

Join us in exploring the impact that a carefully curated smoking approach has on your cannabis experience.

The Secret to Having the Best Pre-Roll Experience

Set The Scene

Pre-rolls are ideal to bring along on any journey – they are discreet in size and are ready to be consumed without any extra hassle. Next time you enjoy a pre-roll, consider what would be your ideal environment. You can easily enhance the mood by surrounding yourself with things that comfort and excite you. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

  • Take a hike! (And bring your pre-roll with you.) Find enlightenment by achieving the ultimate zen. Let the soothing effects of cannabis guide you as you become one with nature. Connections, reflections, simplifications…I’m already feeling illuminated!
  • Put your earbuds in and turn the volume up. Whether you’re cozied-up on the couch reading a book or playing frisbee with your pup at the beach – your perfectly curated playlist on repeat will set the vibes just the way you want.
  • Call a few of your best pals and invite them over for a quaint porch or patio party. Enjoy a few cold ones and a round or two of ‘heads up’ with your favorite people. A pre-roll porch party with pals? ** insert chef’s kiss **
  • For this one, I’m envisioning a steamy bath where you can enjoy a little ‘you’ time. Celebrate yourself with an intimate, indulgent, and aromatic evening surrounded by candles, soaking in your best salts, and enjoying the perfection of a pre-roll.
  • This one seems a bit obvious – but we’d be remiss if we didn’t call attention to all the good bois and pupperinos that need a good walk! What’s better than taking a stroll with your favorite floofer while enjoying a pre-roll made with premium flower? (Time to leash up!)

No matter what the scenery is, the top priority is to enjoy your cannabis journey. If there are smiles, laughs, deep thoughts, or good feels involved, then you’ve achieved an exceptional pre-roll experience.

The Secret to the Perfect Burn (Ready, Set, Roast!)

The true test of a high-quality pre-roll is how well it burns. With just a few steps, you can master the art of lighting your pre-roll.

  • The goal is to produce a powerful cherry by lighting the tip of your pre-roll with whichever lighting method you prefer.
  • Start by holding the pre-roll in your hand. Use just the tip of the flame when you light your pre-roll – that’s the hottest part and you’ll get a more even toast. Slowly rotate the pre-roll in your fingers to create an even burn all the way around. Once you’ve achieved an even cherry, that’s when you can start inhaling. (You take small puffs while lighting up but don’t inhale the first draw.)
  • If one side of the joint is burning more than the other, try flipping it over so that the canoeing side is on the bottom. By doing this, the heat will rise to the top and cause the other side to burn, which should help even it out a bit. It’s ok to do some maintenance with the flame if you need to keep the burn even.

Patience is key! A slow and steady technique is the best way to ensure your pre-roll smokes slowly and evenly. Following these nuanced steps to light your pre-roll will result in a blissfully smooth cannabis experience.

Explore Your Senses

Let’s dive into the moments before and during that first inhale – appearance, aroma, taste, and feel are key foundational elements in making a great pre-roll experience. There’s an abundance of flavors to experience in different cannabis strains and each user has their own unique preferences. Think of cannabis as a fine wine – you can apply the same methodology of a wine tasting to scope out the perfect flower for your pre-roll. Much like finding the most exquisite bottle of wine, you’ll want to discover a cannabis strain that pleases your senses and elevates your palate.

Wine aficionados often use the four “S’s” techniques when tasting their wines – Seeing, Swirling, Smelling and Sipping. This serves as a good model to replicate (and slightly modify) when you’re exploring which strain is right for you. Basically, by applying this method, you’re breaking down the process into different components. This helps you identify which elements you favor and those that you don’t. While cannabis isn’t something you’re going to sip (or necessarily swirl) when finding your preferred flower profile, you can most definitely apply other senses into the process.

  • The overall appearance of the flower should be green, with little flecks of orange or purple. If you’re looking for a way to determine the potency, look to see if there are little “crystals”. These are trichomes and inform just how potent your cannabis really is. (The more crystals, the more potent!). The bottom line is that you want your cannabis to be vibrant and exude freshness.
  • After you’ve identified a beautiful bud, you’ll want to examine its aroma. Hold the fresh cannabis close to your nose and give it a little swirl. (See how I did that?) You should be able to catch whiff of the cannabis’s aroma with just a few short sniffs. The aroma of good cannabis varies – you may experience scents that can be described as fresh pine, citrus, woodsy, spicy, floral, or herbal. It’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to finding your signature cannabis flower fragrance.
  • You want to capture a robust, smooth flavor upon your first puff and maintain it all the way to the last puff. Discovering a unique and delicious flavor that pleases your palette may take a bit of experimenting with different cannabis strains. By sussing out your go-to strain, you’ll narrow down your selection choices and make your next trip to the dispensary short and sweet. If you’re the venturesome type that likes to change it up every time, you can make each dispensary trip its own journey! Buddy up with the budtender and soon enough, you’ll be in the know on new products that cater to your palette.

The abundance of factors leading to the optimal pre-roll experience are limitless. This is all thanks to the multitude of varying terpenes found in cannabis. Cannabis terpenes is a broad and incredibly diverse class of organic compounds. There are more than 140 kinds of terpenoids that can be found in cannabis! Essentially, terpenes impact the odor– and ultimately the taste and flavor of your cannabis. So, being well-informed in this area is a fantastic way to find the perfect pre-roll. Let’s also mention it will make you quite the cannabis savant. (So trendy.) To get you to ‘savant’ status, let’s explore what strains are right for your cannabis journey, let Dogwalkers assist you in exploring some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis.

Keep ‘Em Fresh

Don’t forget that storing your pre-roll properly is an important part of the process. This particular cannabis experience is just one of many in your overall journey! So, let’s make that pre-roll last so it tastes just as scrummy as it did when you first unwrapped it.

  • First rule of thumb is to steer clear of storing cannabis in places with high levels of humidity, heat, and light.
  • The item in which you store cannabis is equally important. Using an airtight mason jar is a surefire way to preserve extra cannabis flower. No airtight mason jars around the house? You can also use simple household items like plastic sandwich bags or canning jars.
  • Find a dark corner or cupboard in your place where it stays cool and dry. Leave your cannabis container there until you saddle back up for the next experience.

These easy steps will undoubtedly extend the shelf life of your cannabis. Say hello to 24/7 premium pre-roll freshness!

Pro tip: Look for smaller or mini pre-rolls (such as Dogwalkers’ Mini Dog pre-rolls) because with smaller sizes, there’s less chance of holding onto old, stale flower.

Most importantly!

Don’t forget to enjoy this part of the journey – experimenting with your sensory responses can lead to exciting, eye-opening, and inspired moments within your journey and will most definitely lead to an incredible cannabis experience.

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