What do I do if I have an issue with my Dogwalkers product?

First read the information below. If your issue is not addressed below, we encourage you to reach out to the dispensary through which you purchased the product. If you have already reached out to them and still cannot find your answer, we are here to help—Please email dogwalkers@gtigrows.com.

When emailing, please have pictures or videos prepared highlighting the issue, plus access to any identifying numbers such as state batch codes.

My joint did not burn evenly, what caused this?

At Dogwalkers, we pride ourselves on having the best pre-roll experience using the highest quality materials and finishing every joint by hand. With all that care, there are still factors related to a pre-roll consumption experience that can translate into the occasional uneven burn (consumption environment, method of lighting, strain variety, etc.). While this is not a warrantable issue, we do have a recommendation for optimizing the consumption experience: Always keep the side that is burning slower on the top of the product during inhale. Heat rising will encourage the slower burning side to catch up with the other end of the pre-roll.