What are Pre-Rolls?

A cannabis pre-roll is a pre-made marijuana joint, available from dispensaries, that is ready to consume. However, the industry has moved away from using the term “joint” and prefers to call them simply “pre-rolls”, but most consumers still refer to them as joints. They are often sold individually or, in the case of premium pre-rolls, packs of multiple marijuana pre-rolls.

Are Pre-Rolls Even Legal?

You may not have heard but cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation! In many states across the country, recreational (and medical) use of cannabis is legal (with restrictions of course), while other states are still catching up. Check with your local authorities to understand if you’re unsure about the laws in your area.

Where Can You Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Almost all recreational and medicinal dispensaries sell pre-rolled joints. In most cases, the pre-rolled joints a dispensary sells are a great way to judge the quality of their cannabis. There are several different types of pre-rolls you can expect at a dispensary, regular pre-rolled joints, top shelf shake (TSS), and brand name pre-rolls like those from DogWalker’s. Regular pre-rolls are made from good, but lower quality shake. Top shelf shake comes from the high quality shake available at the dispensary, while name brand products like DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls can come in packs, carefully rolled, and sold in a high-quality tin.

Where Can You Buy DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls?

A large number of dispensaries across the country sell DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls in areas where cannabis is legally available. Dispensaries in Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as medicinal dispensaries in Florida, carry DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls. You can use the DogWalker’s Dispensary Locator to find the dispensary closest to you. Both DogWalker’s Big Dog and DogWalker’s Mini-Dogs are sold at each location. 

What’s Inside My Pre-Roll?

Excellent question. Let’s start at the very beginning. Dogwalkers selects only the finest cannabis for its pre-rolled cannabis products. With a dedication to using only the highest quality cannabis at the peak of harvest, Dogwalkers works to ensure every journey (Big or Mini), is an elevated experience.

How Long Do Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls Last?

Dogwalkers offers two different kinds of pre-rolls – one for a quick walk around the block (Mini Dogs) and one for the longer journeys (Big Dogs). The type of pre-roll impacts the duration of the consumption experience, as there’s simply different amounts of cannabis inside each product line. To answer the actual question though – it takes as long as it takes, but always enough to enjoy the journey!

My Pre-Roll Didn’t Burn Evenly, What Caused This?

At Dogwalkers, we pride ourselves on having the best pre-roll experience using the highest quality materials and finishing every product by hand. With all that care, there are still factors related to a pre-roll consumption experience that can translate into the occasional uneven burn (consumption environment, method of lighting, strain variety, etc.). 

While this is not a warrantable issue, we do have a recommendation for optimizing the consumption experience: Always keep the side that is burning slower on the top of the product during inhale. Heat rising will encourage the slower burning side to catch up with the other end of the pre-roll.

What Do I Do If I Have an Issue with My Dogwalkers Product?

First read the information below. If your issue is not addressed below, we encourage you to reach out to the dispensary through which you purchased the product. If you have already reached out to them and still cannot find your answer, we are here to help—Please email dogwalkers@gtigrows.com.

When emailing, please have pictures or videos prepared highlighting the issue, plus access to any identifying numbers such as state batch codes.

Can You Buy DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls Merchandise?

DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls Online Store offers a wide selection of apparel and accessories for fans of our brand to show their pride. DogWalker’s has high quality hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and pull-overs in our brand colors featuring the DW logo. We also have a range of accessories that includes DogWalker’s branded water bottles, ash tray, pins, floor mats, and even a bandanna for your dog. Come enjoy the journey with official DogWalker’s Pre-Rolls merchandise.