Big Dog Pre-Rolls from Dogwalkers

Always expertly crafted using only premium flower, Dogwalkers ‘Big Dog’ pre-rolls deliver a robust cannabis experience through a larger format single.

The Big Dog Pre Roll from Dogwalkers is 0.75g of premium cannabis flower contained in a discreet, convenient and reusable tube that allows you to take Dogwalkers wherever your journey leads.

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Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls - BIG DOG

Enjoy the Journey with Dogwalkers Big Dog Pre-Rolls

From Great Danes and Newfoundlands to Great Pyrenees and Irish Wolfhounds, every big dog companion will appreciate joining you on a journey when your Dogwalkers brand Big Dog pre-roll is packed.

GRAB THE LEASH: The best way to experience your pre-roll is on a long, slow walk with your four-legged friend! On the Dogwalkers locations page, you’ll find an easy-to-use map of the area surrounding your local dispensary.

THE INSIDE COUNTS: Of course our packaging is nothing to wag a tail at, but the true difference is the high quality cannabis that’s perfectly packed in every Dogwalkers’ products. Dogwalkers utilizes only premium cannabis strains in its larger format pre-rolls. Discover the strains (including Brownie Scout, Orange Herijuana and others) inside Dogwalkers Big Dog pre-rolls.

Ready to Roll?

Dogwalkers Big Dog pre-rolls can be purchased at many dispensary locations in the United States. Find a nearby dispensary and start enjoying the journey.

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Dogpack Reviews of Mini Pre-Rolls

Definitely the highest quality cannabis pre-roll on the market today; expertly rolled and perfect for a quick circle around the park with my best girl.

Meghan Ervin