How to Light Your Pre Roll In 5 Ways

Smoking a perfect pre-roll is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. Are you looking for a way to light your pre-roll? We have the best tricks and tips! Like so many other parts of the cannabis experience, everyone has their own style of lighting their favorite pre-roll. Most cannabis consumers fancy traditional lighters (hello, classic Bic!).

Matches are another popular option as they are budget-friendly and easy to take on the go. Nevertheless, anyone (even a cannabis aficionado) can easily find themselves in a situation (pre-roll in hand) without their preferred lighting tool(s).

This grim scenario begs the question – how can I light my pre-roll? This is commonly asked within the cannabis community – luckily, there are several methods you can try if you ever find yourself in this situation! We’ve compiled some clutch lighter alternatives so no matter where you are in your cannabis journey, you can still have the optimum pre-roll experience.

Illuminate Your Hemp Wicks Pre-Roll

A safe and environmentally-friendly option to light your pre-roll is to use hemp wick. In essence, hemp wick is hemp twine coated in beeswax. While you do need a lighter or match to light the hemp wick, it proves a great ignition substitute for several reasons.

Hemp wicks are a healthier alternative to traditional lighters since they don’t produce any toxic substances when burnt. Previously known as a ‘slow-match’, this twine burns slowly and makes it easier for you to light your pre-roll. Hemp wick also burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, reducing the likelihood of the cannabinoids being destroyed.

Pro-tip – since hemp wick can be easily shaped, many users like to wrap hemp wick around their lighters to have it at hand. Begin by taking a strand with the size of your preference and wrap it tightly around your lighter. Start at the base and twist the twine around the lighter until you reach the top (the beeswax coating of the hemp will ensure it stays in place). Once your hemp wick is wrapped around your lighter, ignite it until the tip of your hemp strain catches a flame, then enjoy that cannabis experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Pre-rolls & Candle-wick

Candles pose another great alternative – their wicks are similar to hemp wicks and add some bonus points for contributing a soothing aroma wherever you are enjoying your cannabis experience. They are sustainable, budget-friendly, and convenient. There is a good chance you have a candle or two (or a few!) in your home. Candles and cannabis are a delightful duo as they both promote tranquility and can provoke certain moods or feelings. Ending the day with a relaxing bath offers several health benefits and is a fantastic way to wash the stress of the day away. You can enhance your evening soak by lighting candles, offering a dim glow to set the mood. 

Dry Spaghetti 

Yep, you read that correctly. Dry spaghetti is a rather flammable substance. If you find yourself in a desperate state, with no other options you can take a dry piece of spaghetti and press one end against a hot stovetop. The end of the piece will light, meaning you can use it as a giant match to light your pre-roll. (Don’t forget to turn your stove off once you’ve lit your pre-roll!)

Campfire or Coleman Stove

Let’s say you’re out camping with pals and want to enhance the experience with a classic ‘puff, puff, pass’ smoke circle. Don’t be afraid to lean into the full experience by using the resources available at your site. If you’ve got a campfire burning or are cooking some noms on a Coleman stove you already have two options for lighting your pre-roll. When using the campfire as your heat source you’ll need tinder on hand (or you can gather from the surrounding area). Tinder is any material that is combustible enough to make a fire – in this instance you can use a small twig or leaf. Insert one end into the campfire once you have your tinder. Once the flame is controlled you can then safely light your pre-roll. 

Best Way to Light your Pre-roll

Not only do you have ample options when it comes to the ignition source, but there is also a bit of a technique involved in achieving an even burn with a mighty cherry right from the start. Understanding the best way to light a pre-roll is essential to ensure the perfect cannabis smoking experience.

An Even Light

There isn’t anything much better than sharing a perfect pre-roll with a group of friends. That is, of course, unless the pre-roll starts burning unevenly causing it to run up one side while leaving the other side completely untouched. Commonly called “canoeing,” or “running,” an uneven burn can be wasteful and frustrating.  Whatever the reason, there are some quick and easy fixes you can do to stop your joint from canoeing.

An uneven burn is the main contributor in which canoeing happens. It can throw the entire cannabis experience off. Therefore, when lighting your pre-roll, always make sure the embers catch evenly and to light your joint all the way around the circumference of the tip.  Patience will help you create a long-lasting, fully lit cherry so you won’t have to relight. 

Don’t Light Your Pre Roll All At Once 

If you want to take a break and save your pre-roll for later, you can put it out without much fuss. Find an ashtray or other non-flammable surface (such as concrete) and gently press the burning end of the joint down on the surface. Make sure you don’t press too firmly or you will risk crushing the joint, making it unusable for later.

Alternatively, you can let the cherry break off and fall into the ashtray without applying any pressure. You can also “suffocate” the joint in a tightly sealed joint tube – if you’re smoking a Dogwalker’s Big Dog Pre-roll you’ll be set for this option! Our Big Dog pre-rolls come with a reusable tube if you want to save some for later.  Checking out our go-to guide on the best ways to store your pre-roll. 

After learning several different and creative ways to light your cannabis, you’re on your way to becoming a pre-roll pro! We admit most of the tips on this list are unconventional. However, educating yourself and others on these different methods work great when in a pinch and without a lighter.

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