Dogwalkers Mission

The Dogwalkers Brand was inspired by the long walks our founder, Ben Kovler, took with his own dog, Bailey. During those strolls, the idea behind Dogwalkers was born. We want to create the perfect pre-roll that will travel with you wherever you go, crafting it from the finest cannabis, in precise amounts and great attention to detail. We package all our pre-rolls in stylishly secure, travel ready, containers so that our marijuana pre-rolls can go with you on all of your adventures.

To support our mission of exploring the great outdoors, we know that every journey is better with a dog by your side. Dogwalkers partners with animal rescue organizations across multiple states to raise awareness for shelter dogs and find them a loving forever home.

Dogwalkers Quality Guarantee

Product shot - 0.75G big dog pre-rollsWe choose only the highest quality marijuana flower at the peak of freshness to deliver a premium cannabis pre-roll experience that’s unmatched. We use high grade materials and careful crafting techniques along with meticulously chosen cannabis strains to deliver a unique smoking experience with every joint. Each marijuana pre-roll contains a precise amount of flower, so you know exactly what you are getting each and every time.

About GTI Brands

Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls is a proud member of the Green Thumb (GTI) family. GTI Brands are committed to educating consumers on the powerful potential of marijuana to contribute to health, happiness, and comfort in daily life. GTI believes that every person has a right to well-being and that the products we grow and provide can greatly contribute to quality of life.

All GTI Brands are held to the highest standards of excellence to honor the promise of providing safe, quality cannabis products wherever they are sold. GTI believes in the right to access for everyone to enjoy the potential benefits that cannabis can bring.