How To Store Pre-Rolls Properly to Maintain Freshness

Yes If you’ve ever experienced an unfortunate, awkward stage in your adolescence, you may have been told “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Although endearing, it was hard to appreciate the value of that sentiment until it applied to something truly meaningful, like an expertly crafted pre-roll.

Once you get some expertly crafted joints, you want to ensure that they stay fresh until you’re ready to consume them. But what’s the best way to go about this? We’ll share how to store joints properly so you have a perfect pre-roll every time you spark up.

How to Store Joints Properly to Maintain Freshness

To extend the shelf life of your joint, store your product in heat-proof jars or containers (the ones that our Mini Dogs and Big dogs come in are perfect options) in a dark place. Our pre-roll packaging is tailored to maintain the product’s shape and protect it from natural forces. Other options are things like cigarettes or cigar tubes.

No matter what you do, avoid storing in plastic bags at all costs. The static electricity in plastic bags draws the trichomes away from the buds, moving them toward the lining of the bag.

Avoid Exposing Pre-Rolls To These 3 Elements


Pre-rolls should never be left in humid conditions for any length of time. Like all organic material exposed to too much moisture, there is the potential for growing mold or mildew. Inhaling spores is dangerous to the respiratory system and could lead to other serious health issues. On the other hand, some moisture is needed to maintain the integrity of the trichomes and keep those vital compounds contained within the trichomes active. When these compounds are altered, it impacts the critical components that deliver an ideal experience: potency, flavor, and aroma.


Powerful UVB rays can break down the THC in the pre-roll and could even change the composition of the cannabis. Both light and air will synthesize the cannabis into CBN, a cannabinoid that has sedating properties. A weak psychoactive compound, CBN is an oxidized metabolite of THC. With the addition of heat and exposure to Co2, CBN is formed from the breakdown of THC. There’s still a lot to learn about the range of uses and benefits of this cannabinoid, but CBN is commonly used as a sleeping aid.


Oxygen is the key ingredient to turning cannabis into CBN. During oxidation, the cannabinoids in the pre-roll will deteriorate rapidly and won’t provide the ideal consumption experience.

Can I Store a Half Smoked Pre-roll?

Yes, you can! First, before stashing your pre-roll, gently extinguish the flame so you’ll start with an even burn and make the most out of the remaining cannabis. We find that you’ll keep both taste and smell intact if you knock the burning cherry into your ashtray and ensure that it’s put out completely before storing.

Next, store the pre-roll in heat-proof jars or containers in a dark place so it stays fresh.

How Long do Pre Rolls Last?

Depending on the length of your journey, we offer two types of pre-rolls to choose from – our Mini Dogs and Big Dogs.

Going on a light stroll around the block? Consider our .35g Mini Dog pre-rolls. Are you more of a hydration-pack-wearing, step-counting, marathon-walking kind of person? Go with our .75g Big Dog.

The duration of the experience all depends on the length of the desired journey. Whether it’s a quick jog around the neighborhood or a hike in the woods, we have a product to fit the occasion.

Do Pre Rolls go Bad?

We take pride in our cultivation process and only use cannabis flower harvested at peak freshness. As cannabis experts, we have very high expectations, and the quality of your experience is directly related to the quality of the flower you consume. Over time, there will be some level of degradation that impacts taste, potency and smell. With that said, your pre roll doesn’t have an “expiration date” per se, but you can make sure that the journey will last by storing your pre-roll properly.

Enjoy a Perfectly Packed Pre-Roll

Now that you know how to store joints properly, your pre-rolls will last much longer than before! With Dogwalkers pre-rolls, a nirvanic journey is within reach. Our reusable pre-roll containers will keep your pre-roll safe and accessible.

Dogwalkers believes that the best cannabis experience can only be had by using premium cannabis flower. Relying on strict protocols for cultivation, Dogwalkers pre-rolls are made of the highest grade flower that’s harvested at peak freshness. From there, we expertly pack, twist, and weigh every pre-roll to ensure quality and consistency.

Ready to experience the perfect joint? Find a dispensary with Dogwalkers pre-rolls near you or order online.

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