The Secret to the Perfect Pre-Roll

When it comes to pre rolls, we believe that there is such a thing as absolute perfection. But what goes into premium weed pre rolls? More importantly, how does one even know what to look out for?

Relax. Your friends at Dogwalkers are here to give you the 411 on what makes a pre-roll perfectthat’s right, ‘good enough’ won’t cut it here!

The Anatomy of Premium Weed Pre Rolls

When in the pursuit of perfection, you need to ensure that you have the basics down pat.

Three crucial components are needed to create a pre-roll. These include a crutch, a cone, and of course, the flower.

This might seem simple enough, yet many fail to understand the harmonious significance of this beloved trio. 

For one, a good crutch helps maintain your pre roll’s integrity. A crutch can allow you to continue to smoke until the very last moment, resulting in less cannabis wasted.

Secondly, high-quality cones have the power to improve not only the quality of your pre-roll but also the overall quality of your consumption experience. For example, some cones contain harmful chemicals like GMOs that can put a damper on your overall pre-roll experience. That’s why Dogwalkers’ pre-rolls contain no GMOs, gluten, or materials of animal origins.

Now that we understand the fundamentals let’s discuss the REAL secret to the perfect pre-roll.

To Shake (Cannabis) or Not to Shake

It’s no surprise that the ultimate secret to the perfect pre-roll lies in the grade of cannabis flower used. After all, a car can’t run without its engine. Think of a pre-roll’s flower grade as the critical difference between driving a Prius and driving a Mercedes. Yes, it’s that important. 

This is why some bud-aficionados may be skeptical of even considering using pre-rolls. You see, pre-roll brands sometimes fall into the trap of using low-quality “shake cannabis.” 

What is shake cannabis, you ask? Basically, it’s the bits and pieces accumulated at the cultivation facility after the premium material has been packaged up. 

But does this mean that all pre-rolls are doomed to a subpar existence? Definitely not. There are still brands out there (like Dogwalkers) that place quality above all else when it comes to pre-rolls. 

We’ll let you in on another secret. The anecdote for securing the perfect pre-roll is actually quite simple: use premium flower.

Premium Flower Explained

Premium flower is considered to be the highest grade of quality that a brand can use. 

The difference between premium flower and other cannabis grades predominantly rests on how it’s grown and cultivated. For example, at Dogwalkers, we closely monitor our flower through every step of cultivation. From the first seed, all the way to the final drying and curing, the quality of the flower is a top priority.

The result is a premium flower with an explosive combination of delectable aroma and aesthetics that’s sure to elevate any pre-roll to nirvanic perfection. 

The Beauty is in the Burn

Perfect, premium weed pre rolls sure sound tantalizing, don’t they?

Now that we’ve officially revealed the secrets behind the perfect pre-rollhow about treating yourself to one? 

Visit our product page to view our collection of pre-rolls today! 

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