The Rise of the Modern Cannabis Concierge

From vapes to pre-rolls, today’s cannabis consumers have an abundance of options at their disposal. The need to navigate this cannabis crossroads is why there has been so much interest in the role of ‘cannabis concierge’—a position that requires extensive familiarity with nearly everything involved with cannabis. 

The question people have most often about the role of a cannabis concierge is what they can learn that they couldn’t on their own. That’s a good question, and it deserves a good answer if you really want to enjoy the journey in your very own way.

While each cannabis concierge will have their own approach to introducing concepts and information along the journey of the cannabis experience, it’s the answers you discover that will lead us down a path of pure enjoyment.

The Canna-Basics: Not everyone is going to be cut out to be a cannabis concierge; in the least, expect a working knowledge of all the important terminology, from indica and sativa to terpenes and terroir of strains.

Strain Familiarity: Consumers can quickly be confused by the immense number and variety of strain and strain names in the cannabis universe. A cannabis concierge will have insider knowledge of popular and emerging strains, their effects and what makes them attractive as a cannabis product.

Product Experts: Today’s cannabis consumer expects a sophisticated experience. With so much variety in how people consume, however, navigating a local dispensary’s options can seem a seriously daunting task—particularly for someone who’s rediscovering cannabis perhaps decades after their first experience.

Canna-Cooking & Food Pairings: One of the easiest and most enjoyable new cannabis experiences requires you to head over to your kitchen. There’s a whole subset of cannabis experts today who specialize in both the art and science of cooking with cannabis. From creating a basic cannabis butter to recommendations for a 12-course meal, a cannabis concierge with expertise as a foodie will go a long way.

The Canna-Scientist: There are many factors that influence enjoyment in your journey that only someone familiar with the actual science behind cannabis can provide. From understanding interactions with the endocannabinoid system to helping you pronounce ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’, a cannabis concierge can help you gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the products you consume.

Interest is rising in cannabis and along with it the need for qualified guides. If you’re bold enough to go it on your own, do your research (start by exploring strains), map out your journey, and order a pre-roll online through your nearest dispensary.

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