How Pre-Rolls are Made

There are only a few ways to consume cannabis and they fall into four categories – oral, sublingual, topical, and inhalation.

Smoking is arguably one of the most established consumption methods when it comes to cannabis. When you smoke cannabis, you’re lighting cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke. The time between inhalation and the compounds hitting your brain is almost immediate. This makes inhalation the go-to for cannabis users looking for a near-instant high.

While vapes and edibles are capturing the attention of the cannabis community lately, traditional approaches like pre-rolls are still popular. Data from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset showed that pre-rolls have become the second-fastest-growing product category in the overall cannabis market, proving that convenience plays a crucial role in how the public is choosing their consumption methods.

How Pre Rolls are Made at DogwalkersA Pre-Roll By Any Other Name

Pre-rolls go by many names but most often they’re known as joints, the most common slang for the format. Pre-rolled joints, such as those from Dogwalkers, remain one of the most prevalent methods of use. They offer a budget-friendly, disposable, and flexible all-in-one experience that caters to individuals and groups alike.

In the past, of course, cannabis consumers had to roll their own (creating a vibrant market for rolling papers). Pre-rolled joints however make the difficulty associated with crafting the perfect pre-roll a thing of the past. Pre-rolls are convenient, come packaged in reusable containers, and range in potency to satisfy any questioning cannabis savant.

Roll Your Own or Pre-Roll it For Me

The good thing about rolling your own joints is that you know exactly what’s going in it. You can see every trichome on the bud and you can sense every terpene of the flower. That’s not the case with most pre-rolls. So, what are in pre-rolls? And, what goes into making them high-quality?

The harsh reality is that when you buy pre-rolls, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. They can be awesome or awful which is why it is so important to understand the difference between how most pre-roll joints are made and how the Dogwalkers pre-rolls experience differs.

The ready-to-smoke format has gotten a bad rap in the past, but when you start to explore the entire process – from production to packaging – it’s easier to understand why a pre-roll from Dogwalkers is widely considered the most premium product in the broader industry category.

Pre-Rolls Cannabis at DogwalkersMaking Pre-Rolls at Scale

In the not-so-distant past, pre-rolls were often made with “shake,” or the loose remains of the cannabis flower. Shake, as you might imagine, can end up containing pretty much everything except the nug if producers aren’t careful. That means not only will you find some bud trimmings in your pre-roll but you may end up with things you don’t want – like stems, leaves, and seeds – and nobody wants that.

Fortunately, not all pre-rolls are created equal. A buyer of Dogwalkers pre-rolls, for example, can expect that it only contains fresh, ground buds from a singular cannabis strain and that there won’t be any mystery rolls (or shake from a variety of different strains). Ultimately, a focus on quality results in a more enjoyable experience.

Pre-Roll Facts and Falsehoods

Perhaps the most damaging misconception about pre-rolls is that they are all of poor quality. Those in the Dogwalkers Dog Pack, however, know that this is simply not the case. While true that many cannabis retailers often do use poor quality, bottom of the (cannabis) barrel shake, Dogwalkers uses only fresh, premium cannabis in its pre-rolls to ensure that you get to enjoy the journey as you intend.

Another area that needs greater discussion is that of how pre-rolls are actually made – is it by hand or the machines do the work? That’s the question and for many, it’s the deciding factor in whether to purchase one pre-roll over another. Many retailers take the easy way and take their shake (from all the strains) and use commercial grade rolling machines (mechanical devices which automate the actual rolling process). The benefit of the approach is that you get a perfectly consistent product in form and shape.

Evaluate Pre-Roll Quality

There’s only one way to really test out the quality of a pre-roll – consume it. If you’re more advanced in your cannabis expertise, a sure-fire way to explore the quality of a pre-roll is by opening it up and checking to see if the cannabis contained inside smells good and contains only premium flower. (When in doubt, go by scent. The aroma should have scents that can best be described as earthy, woody, herbal, citrus and sweet.).

Indica and Sativa Pre-RollsWhere Can You Find Pre-Rolled Joints to Enjoy the Journey?

Cannabis consumers won’t have to look hard to find pre-rolled joints as the format is widely distributed at various dispensaries.

The first step to finding the best pre-rolls is to find a dispensary near you that sells the Dogwalkers brand. Before you embark on your journey, make sure to choose the right Dogwalkers pre-roll product for you. Dogwalkers offers two different kinds of pre-rolls – one for a quick walk around the block (Mini Dogs) and one for the longer journeys (Big Dogs).


Get them before they’re dog-gone!

Due to the high demand for these premium pre-rolls, Dogwalkers sell out fast. Before you plan your trip to a location near you, be sure to check your local dispensary’s menu for real-time inventory information. Once you have obtained the perfect pre-roll you’re ready to start enjoying the journey. (Pro-tip – for the ultimate experience, grab your best doggo friend and explore the city together, leash and pre-roll in hand.)

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