Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls: Marketing Sustainable Cannabis Packaging for a Better Future

The Power of Cannabis with a Purpose

Investing and trusting in a product today is not always cut and dry. 

When you invest in a product you’re putting your trust in the brand behind it.

New global research from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), tells us online searches for sustainable goods have increased globally by 71% since 2016. An increase so noteworthy that it has been coined as ‘The Eco-Wakening’.  

Branding today isn’t logos, designs, and catchy slogans. Many key points that consumers look for when investing in a brand include, mission alignment, core values, likeability, and sustainability. These common points can be quite objective, and vary greatly from one consumer-to-another. 

Brands that stay true to their mission and core values, tend to develop a loyal consumer base. One might ask how a cannabis company follows through on its core values in a meaningful way. 

Like other mission-driven brands, cannabis brands do it through their product, from production to distribution.

At Dogwalkers Pre Rolls, our mission is at the forefront of the products we sell and is inspired by our four-legged best friends we share our best times with. We team up with animal shelters nationwide to make sure animals get the love they need and are well taken care of. 

Aligned with our mission, Dogwalkers’ parent company, Green Thumb Industries (GTI), strives to leave its sustainable thumbprint on the cannabis industry by developing and capturing green opportunities, as well as futuristic branding and retail experiences. These components are designed to enhance our high- quality cannabis products. At Dogwalkers pre-rolls and all GTI brands, sustainability and cannabis are synonymous with one-another. 

Keep reading to learn more about sustainability within the cannabis industry.


Keeping Sustainability in Mind with Cannabis Branding

Cannabis and sustainability are topics that have surged in popularity over the past five years, and projections show rapid growth in the next five years. 

Today, cannabis and sustainability are instrumental in shaping the futures of some of the most prominent industries in the world, such as healthcare and the energy sector. 

Let’s look at the stats:


What We Found:

  • announced a new report that states the sustainable (green) market will grow from USD 11.2 billion in 2020 to USD 36.6 billion by 2025
  • Flowhub data gathered insight from a recent report that shows nationwide cannabis sales increased 67% in 2020. 
  • A report from New Frontier Data states that the legal cannabis market is projected to double by 2025.

The correlation between the growth and projection rates of the cannabis and sustainability industries are so seemingly co-equal that they’re impossible to ignore. 

The Covid-19 pandemic brought on a whole bag of nationwide consumer behavioral changes that led to strong post-pandemic trend predictions. One topic that has been making headlines as of late and merits further exploration is sustainability within the cannabis industry. 

More specifically – sustainable packaging and design in the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Eco-Friendly & Memorable Marketing

A recent article from Pretty Lethal Designs, an all-female cannabis branding company, states: “It’s hard enough keeping your cannabis packaging compliant despite ever-shifting regulations. Add in child safety, durability, quality protection, shelf appeal and… Phew.”

The above is a unified statement throughout the industry. As the cannabis market grows, so does its packaging needs. Unfortunately, a mixture of federal and state laws make industry-wide sustainability difficult.

The reality is that sustainable packaging is currently more expensive, which drives up a company’s bottom line. This means that sustainable packaging leads to a more expensive product on store shelves. 

Oftentimes, the bargain value is more important and companies are left facing low sales — so, ultimately, the consumer is a major player in whether or not compostable and biodegradable options will sink or swim. 

According to Zack Darling of MG Magazine, 87% of American consumers have more trust in and loyalty for companies perceived as environmentally sound. Consumer perception carries so much weight in determining businesses’ success. 

As a result, the burden is on the industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

Let’s take a deep dive into the not-so-distant future of sustainable cannabis marketing:

The Future of Cannabis Packaging is Green

The change in the global climate sounds alarm bells. Major adjustments need to be deployed to slow down this issue. A sustainable cannabis package design is one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint within the cannabis industry.

Developing Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

As you evolve your company’s packaging, It is critical to take into account the type of cannabis package design allowed.

Creating dispensary branding that markets eco-friendly business practices presents a massive step in the right direction. 

Some options are to increase awareness of the freshness of the cannabis product and make a note  on the packaging if it is free of harmful chemicals. 

Another is to utilize a logo that raises awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling.

A Customized Cannabis Package Design That is Customizable

Incorporating a customizable cannabis package design is a trend that has taken the industry by storm and will continue to do so.

Custom packaging allows for products to stand out and be easily identifiable on store shelves. 

This is extremely helpful for a pre-roll cannabis brand like Dogwalkers Pre Rolls. With a mission of helping animals in need and branding focused on sustainability, our custom packaging design helps bring our brand to the forefront of many important issues we are passionate about while delivering a great cannabis pre-roll. 

How to Responsibly Package Cannabis for Compliance

Over the past two decades, cannabis use has been legalized by lawmakers in over 50% of the United States. In turn, many prominent cannabis brands are sourcing their own compliant packaging to help stay relevant in a quickly growing industry.

 Cannabis industry guidelines and regulations frequently change, making it paramount for industry-leading companies to zero in on their packaging designs to prevent major overhauls from being necessary in the event of regulatory change. 

Most guidelines for cannabis packaging are geared toward the safety of minors.

Cannabis pre-roll tins sitting on a wooden table

Beyond providing a more refined look to cannabis packaging, disavowing unnecessary components allows for fewer materials to be required for packaging, without sacrificing the quality of the cannabis product

So, how can cannabis companies design packaging that reflects their brand, draws in consumers and is eco-friendly – all while effectively staying within regulation of their state’s laws? 

Let’s explore…


Despite this upward climb, some cannabis packaging companies have continued to innovate their eco-friendly offerings to meet consumers’ growing demand for sustainable products. 

Dogwalkers is leading the next generation of sustainable cannabis businesses through mindful pre-roll packaging, and ensuring the integrity of our pre rolls and cannabis is of the utmost priority. 

Our cylinder tube Big Dog single format pre-rolls and our Mini Dog five-pack of pre rolls are stored in a hinged, tin-plated steel container. 

Using recyclable materials like metal and glass increases the shelf-life of our expertly crafted pre-rolls, so you can continue to enjoy the journey until your product has run out.


A cylinder paper tube is an eye-catching solution for eco-friendly cannabis package design.

  •  Our Big Dog pre roll packaging is highly recyclable and made from organic material. 
  • The outer packaging of the Big Dog pre-roll  is child resistant, keeping the product in the hands of its intended user.Mini Dog Pre-Roll Tins

Tin plating: Our tin-plated steel packaging is 100% eco-friendly and the perfect solution for keeping your cannabis fresh for as long as possible.

Dogwalkers Pre Roll packaging is designed to deliver the best experience for adult use, while maintaining the integrity of our premium cannabis flower harvested at peak freshness. 

We continue to set the standards in cannabis curation and we offer fellow walkers a variety of pre-rolls with purpose

Learn more about our sustainable pre-roll cannabis products, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!


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